3 August 2015

Fishing Report

Today was a bit rough in the sound but that did not stop us from going on a soundside fishing charter. A strong storm system to the south produced a steady stream of two-foot waves with some healthy three-foot breakers mixed in for even more fun. It did not matter to me, Colin, Scott, and Steve as we were willing and eager to go, so we busted through the waves and found some fish.

We got into several nice stripers which were quickly released. Not much of anything else, although a piece of cut bait on the bottom produced a nice Atlantic stingray which was a big hit (Nice work Steve!).

We caught a few bottom fish and the smallest rockfish ever brought on board the Kingfisher—a whopping seven inches. There were a bunch of these small fish which is a great sign of a successful spawn. The winds picked up even more but we were headed in anyway.

These guys were great fun and awesome anglers. I hope to fish with them again someday. Thanks for all of the laughs.

Striped bass (rockfish)
Striped bass
Atlantic stingray
soundside fishing charter