31 May 2015 AM

Inshore Fishing Report

This morning I went out with Jeremy, Josh, Brian, and Red. I have fished with these fellows several times in the past and knew what to expect. They wanted enough eating fish to have a fish sandwich and they were serious about trying.

The water was still grassy and a little muddy but the Southern kingfish (sea mullet) bite was on. We caught about 20 that made it to the cooler. We also hooked some assorted bottom fish but not too many. We had been hoping for flounder but the water was just too dirty for them to see well.

I love fishing with these guys and can’t wait for our next trip. Congratulations to Jeremy for catching the pool-winning fish. Spend that 15.00 wisely.


  • Southern kingfish (sea mullet)
  • Northern searobin
  • Atlantic croaker
  • Atlantic puffer
  • Pigfish
  • Pinfish
Southern kingfish (sea mullet)
Outer Banks spring fishing charter