16 August 2012

I went for a ride this morning with the Williams from Florida: Sean, Beth, Preston, Jacob, Abbie, and Hannah. We got nice looks at dolphins, saw loads of wildlife at "Pelican Island" and then went to a different island for a hermit crab hunt. It quickly turned into a counting game and reached 100 crabs in no time at all. We released all the crabs and tried a little fishing. We caught a bunch of fish but the highlights were the stingrays. The bottom must have been carpeted with them and I think we caught five. One was missing its entire tail so we landed it and everyone got a good chance to check it out.

Thanks to all for the good time on the water and come on back for a full-fledged fishing trip the next time!


  • Atlantic croaker
  • Southern kingfish (sea mullet)
  • Pigfish
  • Pinfish
  • Flounder
  • Atlantic stingray
Atlantic stingray
Atlantic stingray
Hermit crabs
Hermit crabs