30 May 2015 PM

Inshore Fishing Report

Rachel and family went out with me on a Kid’s Soundside Adventure this afternoon. The fishing was still tough due to floating marsh grass. It did not stop the enthusiasm level of this crew though. We fished hard for a while and caught a few small Pigfish.

We switched over to Hermit crabbing and it was game on. Gabriel, Christian, and Cynthia (three polite and well-mannered kids) found close to one hundred crabs on a short walk through ankle-deep water. We played with them, identified the shell they wore, and released them back to the water.

We left the hermits and took a water tour of "Pelican Island" and then set off to do a little crabbing. The kids had a blast pulling in lines and scooping Blue crabs.

On the way back in, we got a great look at a long line of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins as they swam by. It was truly a soundside adventure.


  • Pigfish
  • Hermit crabs
  • Blue crabs
Hermit crabs
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