30 June 2015

Inshore Fishing Report

I took Brian and Wes out this morning on an OBX sound fishing charter. They wanted to hunt the big three: specks, reds, and flounder.

We casted grubs and threw MirrOlures® for three and a half hours without a break in a pretty stiff south wind. Both of these guys were excellent anglers and they really worked hard for a total of four flounder with one being a keeper. Wes was the flounder man. He caught them all.

Brian spotted a tailing puppy drum and we used the electric trolling motor to sneak up on it. On the way, I spotted something chasing bait and told Brian to cast there. He almost instantly hooked up to what looked like a nice trout. It was a great fight for a short time and then it was gone. It was a heartbreaker. How can a fish get loose from all of those treble hooks?

We had a great day on the water and Wes learned that he had caught two different species of flounder.

The black spots on the Summer flounder have a halo or ring of tan that surrounds them.
OBX sound fishing charter
The black spots on a Southern flounder do not have light rings.
Southern flounder