4 August 2015

Inshore Fishing Report

Today was windy so Beth, David, Adam, Abbey, Jack, Kristen, and I found a lee where everyone could relax and enjoy one of my OBX crabbing charters.

We used squid and fish on hand lines and dipped the crabs with nets after being dragged close to the boat. We had a lot of action and caught lots of crabs.

As we started to anchor up at a new spot, someone pointed out a bird hanging from a nearby dock. It was a Laughing gull seriously wrapped up in old fishing line, spinning from one wing over the water. We went on a rescue mission immediately. I got close, cut the lines, and brought the bird on board. I held the bird, trying to keep it calm by covering its eyes. David and Adam quickly and quite deftly cut away the fishing line and we released the gull to the water. It did not fly but swam away quite strongly. Hopefully its wing feathers will grow back after it molts into its winter plumage. I wish all people would tend to their old fishing line and stop throwing it into the water.

In addition to crabbing, we did a little bottom fishing, which provided us with fresh crab baits.

In spite of requiring a jump-start at the ramp, navigating three-foot breakers on the sound, running from storms, pulling short crabs, and rescuing a wounded bird, it was a fun crabbing charter! This was a great family. They were funny, smart, and really into it. A real pleasure for me to spend time with them.

Adam, the 18 year old who recently graduated from high school, stated, "After this trip, I now know what I want to do with my life—I am going to study Environmental Science."

It was an awesome thing to hear.

Arrrgh, Adam pulling crab lines
pulling crab lines
OBX crabbing charters
OBX crabbing charters
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OBX crabbing charters