7 May 2016

Inshore Fishing Report

I went fishing with John and his son Matt this morning. The weather was nice for a change. No wind, no rain, and a moving current. We threw MirrOlures™, popping corks, and jigs for trout but got no response.

The birds started working and the small stripers turned on in a big way. We started catching them on light action double rigs and ultralight action single rigs. Everyone had a blast and every once in a while, the fish were a little bit bigger. Most were 10–12 inches with a few around 16 and one at twenty. Matt caught the 20 incher on the ultralight rod and had a blast.

It was a very fun day on the water with some very nice folks.

Striped bass
Striped bass fly fishing
Striped bass
OBX spring fishing for stripers