30 July 2013

I went out this morning with Doyle, Kody, Marrissa, and Kayla—our second attempt. The first got cut short by a malfunctioning throttle sensor on my engine. We didn't make it 30 feet before heading back in. I took it to the shop on Saturday and the guys at Manteo Marine® had me back on the water Monday afternoon. A huge thank you goes out to them for the quick fix.

This trip went a lot better. At least it did for the ladies. Everybody caught fish but Kayla caught the most species and Marrissa caught the biggest trout and striper. Almost everything was caught on jigs and grubs. Kody even hooked a Spadefish on a jig.


  • Spotted seatrout (speckled trout)
  • Southern flounder
  • Striped bass
  • Atlantic croaker
  • Spadefish
  • Spot

The water was calm, the company was good, and the fishing was fair. They brought home five nice speckled trout and hopefully a few memories of a nice day on the water.

Summer flounder
Summer flounder
Striped bass (rockfish)
Striped bass
Spotted seatrout (speckled trout)
Spotted seatrout