15 June 2014

I went fishing with my long-time boat partner, Stewart. It was the opening day of Spotted seatrout season and we wanted a few for dinner. We fished long and we fished hard but no trout. We did catch a bunch of Striped bass, a puppy drum, a keeper flounder, and a Tautog for the cooler but no trout. We headed toward the boat ramp but made one last stop. We put some live bait on and had a bite on the first drop. It was a fat 19-inch speck. Finally! After that, we started hooking up more stripers and quit before any of them got hurt. They are not a very hardy fish when the water temperature gets warm.

I got a call from my son Brandon wishing me a happy father's day and we headed in. It ended up being a great day on the water.


  • Spotted seatrout (speckled trout or speck)
  • Red drum
  • Southern flounder
  • Striped bass
  • Atlantic croaker
  • Tautog
  • Spot
  • Pigfish
  • Pinfish
  • Atlantic stingray
Southern flounder
Outer Banks Southern flounder
Tautog (blackfish) and Red drum (redfish)
Outer Banks Tautog and Red drum
Striped bass (rockfish)
Striped bass