16 June 2015

Soundside Fishing Report

Today I took James, Sue, Granthem, and Parker from Colorado on an OBX family fishing trip, the Kid's Soundside Adventure. The day was bright and sunny, 98°F with high humidity, which created a heat index of 117°. My guests said it was in the sixties back home.

The heat was oppressive and the fish must have thought so too. The bite was slow. We started out near the Bonner Bridge in muddy, grassy water.

I always instruct my clients to put the leg of the spinning reel between their fingers in case something big hits suddenly. It prevents the rod and reel from being yanked out of ones hands. Sue hooked up to a screamer from the front of the boat. I took the rod from her and walked it back, weaving my hands in and out of the supports for the Bimini top. I was setting her up to fight it from the stern. As I switched the rod from my left hand to my right, it flew out of my hands, hit the water, sank a foot, and quickly accelerated away from the boat never to be seen again. I was not happy but now admit that there is some humor in it. That thing just took off! It must have been a huge ray.

We got Sue a new outfit to use and continued fishing. We made a couple moves and found some assorted bottom fish biting. We caught a bunch before the trip was finished. We got special looks at dolphins as they surfed in the wake of the boat if front of us. Some of them even started playing in ours as well.

It turned out to be a very fun day in spite of the scorching heat. It always is when you enjoy your company on the boat!

Saltwater Catch

  • Southern kingfish
  • Spot
  • Atlantic croaker
  • Atlantic stingray
  • Pigfish
  • Pinfish
  • Black sea bass
Atlantic stingray
Atlantic stingray
Oregon Inlet
OBX family fishing trip