1 MAY 2016

Inshore Fishing Report

I went on an OBX spring fishing trip this morning with Bill Z to do some scouting. People have been catching trout in the ocean, inside of Oregon Inlet, in the sound near Bodie Island, and off of the "Little Bridge." I figured they would be in the Croatan sound as well. That may be so but there are so many small stripers in the way that the trout have to be fast to get to the bait first. There are big schools of fish in the 12 inch range and they are hungry.

Bill started using his fly rod and I rigged up a very light action rod with a double rig. We tore them up. Bite after bite, fish after fish. It was a ball! The stripers are already here, the trout are showing up, flounder, and redfish are being caught. It looks to be a great year.

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Striped bass
Striped bass fly fishing
Striped bass
OBX spring fishing for stripers