28 June 2012

Today I went fishing with some friends from Virginia—Max, Aidan, Joe, Randy, and Stewart.

The day started with some trolling for Spanish mackerel. It was very successful. We had a dozen nice ones in a short time. We also hooked up with Bluefish.

After that, we anchored up and threw out a chum bag. The sharks were also cooperative. All people on board caught at least one shark with some rays and skates in the mix. There were 10 sharks in all. All were released unharmed.

The highlight of the day was Aidan hooking up to a very nice shark on a very light weight spinning rod. That drag was screaming. Great job on that fish, Aidan!


  • Spanish mackerel
  • Atlantic sharpnose shark
  • Bluefish
  • Clearnose skate
  • Atlantic stringray
Spanish mackerel
Spanish mackerel
Spanish mackerel
Spanish mackerel