22 September 2012

On Saturday I fished Oregon Inlet with my good friends Stewart and Max. Stewart really wanted some Sheepshead and hopefully a flounder. Max was just happy to be there.

We drifted for flounder and caught a few just short of legal. We started fishing the pilings and found good numbers of Sheepshead. We caught at least 40 and kept a couple dozen of the nicest ones. Stewart caught at least 30 by himself.

We caught several other species of fish casting grubs or fishing bait. There were keeper flounder (2) to 20 inches, Black drum (1 really nice one), several Red drum (to 15 inches), 3 specks (1 keeper), Tautog, and many other species including a small grouper which I photographed and released.

It was a great day on the water with great company and dinner the past couple days has been awesome.


  • Sheepshead
  • Summer flounder
  • Speckled seatrout
  • Red drum
  • Black drum
  • Bluefish
  • Tautog
  • Grouper
  • Southern kingfish (sea mullet)
  • Pigfish
  • Pinfish
  • Atlantic puffer
  • Lizardfish
  • Black seabass
  • Silver perch
Outer Banks Grouper