31 May 2015 PM

Inshore Fishing Report

This afternoon I went on an OBX family fishing charter, the Kid’s Soundside Adventure with Melissa, Brandon, Bryce, Carter, and Noah.

The tide was running out and the dirty, grassy water was still a pain to deal with. We had plenty of bites but they were hard to distinguish with all of the weeds that accumulated on the lines. We kept on pulling in hooks with no bait. We did catch a few and then went looking for Hermit crabs.

The family had a nice time wading in ankle-deep water while finding loads of crabs. They also discovered a Quahog clam that was Cherrystone size—I wish they had found a few dozen. We had an on-board nature lesson about shells and then went back to fishing.

The tide turned as we were at anchor and once the water was running stronger, the fish started to bite again. We caught a bunch of bottom fish before we had to leave. There was another nice dolphin show as we traveled back to the ramp.

Saltwater Species

  • Northern kingfish (sea mullet)
  • Hermit crabs
  • Blue crabs
  • Atlantic croaker
  • clams
  • Pinfish
  • Pigfish
Northern kingfish (sea mullet)
OBX family fishing charter
Oregon Inlet
OBX family fishing charter
OBX family fishing charter