24 June 2015

Inshore Fishing Report

Today was a make-up trip with my new friends from Kentucky. I had Nettie and Brad with their family and friends on an OBX kid's soundside fishing trip.

We anchored up in 12 feet of water and did pretty good. We caught lots of fish with some nice-sized Bluefish on cut baits. Big Al caught a stingray that ended up being the big fish for the day.

These guys had an aptitude for fishing and I had loads of fun spending time with them. They left the boat with enough Bluefish and sea mullet to have a nice fish fry.

Saltwater Catch

  • Pigfish
  • Bluefish
  • Southern kingfish
  • Atlantic croaker
  • Atlantic stingray
Atlantic stingray
Atlantic stingray
Atlantic croaker
Atlantic croaker
Coast Guard boat tending a buoy
Coast Guard boat
Atlantic croaker
Atlantic croaker
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