20 June 2012

Today I took Kevin, Tracey, Lauren, Ethan, and Linda on a with a soundside adventure.

We got nice looks at nesting Ospreys and Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Then we took a ride to "Pelican Island" where the rookery was in full production. Thousands of Brown Pelicans, with lesser amounts of several gull and tern species. There were baby birds everywhere!

Next we found a small shoal where the kids found dozens of Hermit crabs. All were inspected and released.

We finished up the trip with a little fishing. My expert anglers landed many different species. I look forward to doing some serious fishing with this crew in the future.


  • Pigfish
  • Spot
  • Atlantic croaker
  • Northern puffer
  • Hermit crab
  • Clearnose skate
Atlantic croaker and Northern puffer
Atlantic croaker and Northern puffer