13 July 2015


Sorry about the lack of reports over the past couple of weeks. First I had the flu, then my trailer wheel bearings went out, next there was a major issue with trailer lights, and then there was weather. Everything should be squared away now (except for the weather) and after a short vacation to the Chesapeake Bay, I will continue running trips.

The south and southwest winds have been blowing strong for a long time and the water conditions have been poor. The bottom fish are there if you look around and there are some drum at the inlet when the conditions are right.

With all of the talk about Outer Banks sharks, you would think we were swarming with them. Last week I took out a bunch of guys and even with a nice chum slick, we only got the interest of some stingrays.

The Kid's Soundside Adventures are popular this summer and continue to please parents and children alike.

There are lots of dolphins in the water and baby Ospreys on their nests.

The week of July 19 is booked but I have openings the following week. Please call (252) 202-6191 or email me for available dates.
Oyster toadfish
Oyster toadfish
Atlantic bottlenose dolphins
Atlantic bottlenose dolphins
Atlantic sharpnose shark, previously caught
Atlantic sharpnose shark