8 May 2016

Inshore Fishing Report

It might as well have been father’s day for me on Sunday. My son Brandon and his fiancé Analina were visiting and they both went fishing with me. It was a little windy and we decided to troll using light-action spinning rigs. We used double rigs and had bites right away. We got into a bunch of nice sized Bluefish and were catching them two at a time with regularity. When the action finally lulled, we went to the other side and did the same thing with small stripers. It was awesome, fun fishing with loads of action.

I pointed out a Bald eagle flying overhead and Analina said, "Yes, that's nice but I like the dolphins that we saw last time." We had seen dolphins the summer before and she really enjoyed the experience. I said that we probably would not see any between where we were and where we were headed. After one minute of driving I saw dolphins. I slowed down and we were quickly surrounded by 30–40 Atlantic bottlenosed dolphins. The we were up on a sand flat where the water was about five feet deep. These dolphins swam and jumped in the little wake I was making and they were close. They were swimming right alongside the boat 2 at a time on both sides at the same time. You could see the sun reflecting off their backs and they seemed to be 10–12 feet long. These animals were big. It was the best dolphin show I have seen since I started guiding. It was a great way to end the day.

OBX spring fishing for stripers