Sun Exposure

❝Sunlight enters our atmosphere as ultra-violet radiation—even on cloudy days. Too much of this radiation can cause skin cells to mutate and sometimes cause cancer. The natural tanning process can help control this but only to a certain degree.

The sun's rays can be dangerous so please come prepared. The best protection is to cover up; I recommend that you wear a wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeved shirt, long shorts, and polarized sunglasses.

sun exposure
Sun Exposure
Boaters get both direct sunlight from space and reflected sunlight from the water!

A good quality sunscreen is a must. Apply it liberally to the face, hands, and any other exposed skin. Please keep in mind that the SPF number on the bottle does not indicate strength—these numbers define the relative length of effectiveness. For example, an SPF of 30 will work twice as long as an SPF of 15. Always reapply sunscreen during the day.❞

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Captain Lenny